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Have you ever dreamed of having the big screen experience without needing to stand in line, buy tickets, or even leave your sofa? With today’s advances in surround sound, television, and smart home technology, our experts at Austin Home Entertainment create custom home theaters for every style of home.

Learn more about the benefits of professional home theater installation below, or skip the wait and schedule a consultation with our team today.

Why Home Theater Systems Are Worth It

Building the perfect balance of high-quality audio and video presents a challenge. Maybe your current equipment setup features a great TV but lacks audio quality or surround sound capability. Perhaps you’d like a bigger screen, better lighting, or the ability to control your system from multiple devices.

Building a custom home theater system gives you a chance to install surround sound speakers, larger screens, ambient room lighting, and countless other bells and whistles.

At Austin Home Entertainment, we bring dreams to life with every job. We’ll outfit your home with the perfect home theater setup that you and your guests can enjoy for years to come. Find answers to all your home theater questions by reaching out to our team today.

How Home Theater Setup Works

Ready to start building a custom home theater system? Your journey begins with an in-depth consultation with our team. During this step, we review your budget, installation needs, desired TV size, and other factors to fine-tune your home theater installation services.

We provide pricing estimates and product recommendations and help plan appliance placement where needed.

Once our technicians get to work in your space, the install time for home theaters generally consists of a single visit. Among our comprehensive services, we handle:

  • Lighting installation
  • Installation of peripheral equipment, including speakers, sound bars, smart home devices, etc.
  • Professional TV mounting
  • Network connection
  • Sound system troubleshooting
  • Showing you how to control your setup

We also help you synch your home theater with your network of mobile and smart devices, giving you control of your home theater from any room.

Benefits of Working with Austin Home Entertainment

Many property owners go the DIY route when installing a home theater. Unfortunately, many also encounter challenges such as damaged equipment, electrical wiring issues, device compatibility issues, and more.

By working with the professionals at Austin Home Entertainment, you gain benefits like:

  • Installation back by service guarantees
  • Optimized use of space for ambient lighting and sound
  • Expert product recommendations for any entertainment room
  • Home theater troubleshooting for network connections, device use, and more

At Austin Home Entertainment, we bring an expert edge and years of experience to every job. We’ll help you choose and install the perfect home theater system, no matter what.

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