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Home Audio & Video Products

At Austin Home Entertainment you will find an outstanding selection of home theater products and excellent customer service from the start. If you want to put in your own media room or need some help choosing the hardware for your home, we can guide you in the right direction. We have the experience and knowledge to change the way you experience movies and music in your home.

We help you choose from some of the highest rated manufacturers in the world. We carry home audio visual components, home theater speakers, music streaming systems, media room furniture, projectors and everything you need.

Denon, Marantz, Samsung, Sonos, Bose, Polk Audio, Pioneer, Onkyo, Martin Logan, Sanus, Omnimount, Boston Acoustics, Monitor Audio and many more. Have questions? Fill out the contact form at the top right of this page and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

Home Audio

             Martin Logan - Hi end stereo speakers     Monitor Audio - British Hifi Home Speakers     wireless hi-fi speaker systems     Niles Whole House Audio Amplifiers and Speakers Elan Home Systems, Home Theater                    

Home Theater Audio

Marantz home theater receiver and amplifiers              Bryston stereo amplifiers             Description:                 Description:

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Media Servers

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Theater Screens

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Theater Seating

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Description:       Description:     Description:      Description:       Samsung HDTV and UHDTV Displays     

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Description:   Description:       Description:       Description:      Description:      

Description:        Description:       Description:       Description:         Description:

Description:     Description:     Description:     Description:      Description:

Description:     Description:       Description:          Description:

Multi Room Audio

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Description:     Description:      Description:      Description:       Description:

Video Switching and Conversions

Description:        Description:       Description:   

Remote Controls

Description:  Description:              Description:                    Description:

Climate Control

Description:            Description:

Wire and Cables

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Description:        Description:     Description:      Description:       Description:

Racks /Cooling / Furniture

Description:       Description:       Description:         Description:

Description:       Description:   

Home Security Systems

Description:        Description:       Description:      Description: 

Home Security Cameras

Description:       Description:         Description:

Flatscreen Mounts and Lifts

            Description:       Description:      Description:       Description:

Structured Wiring

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