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Home Audio & Video Installation Services | Austin, Texas

Flat Screen TV Installation

Your flat screen HDTV needs to be precisely leveled and securely mounted. Our installers will show up prepared with the right knowledge, tools and hardware to ensure that once your television is mounted, it is there to stay. All audio and video wiring can be hidden within your walls and your power, cable, DVD and other connections can be done out of sight. All you need to see is your flat screen tv, not the audio or video wires.

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Home Audio Installation Service in Austin, Texas

Home Audio Installation Service

Home audio technology today can give you total control over what you want to listen to and where. For example, an Ipod can play in the kitchen while another family member listens to Pandora Radio in the backyard. With multi-room audio systems and in-ceiling, flush mounted speaker pairs installed, all of your music sources can be enjoyed in every room of your home at once or individually. Control the system with a weather resistant touch pad and a bright, easy to read lcd screen so that you can navigate to your favorite music or audio sources.

Custom Media Rooms

Media rooms, game rooms and dedicated home theaters are becoming very popular among new homes currently being built in the Austin area. Even existing homes are being retro-fitted with in-ceiling speakers, hidden audio wiring, mounted projectors, screen and everything you need to turn an empty room into a fully functional media room. Call to schedule a free consultation and home evaluation with a fully insured technician to go over your electronic possibilities. Let us create a plan to make the installation a reality in your home.

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Surround Sound Installation Image

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Surround Sound System Wiring, Installation & Setup

Surround sound installations with our flush-mounted in-ceiling speakers add a new dimension to watching your favorite movies by allowing the listener to feel totally emersed in the surround sound from all directions, like they are right in the middle of the action of the movie.

A well-designed home theater room can easily give a more enjoyable experience than the local cinema. This is because smaller room size allows for the sound to be tailored perfectly for a small audience rather than be compromised to sound appropriate for a large room filled with people.

Proper placement, connection and control will make the most of any surround sound system install and with all your wiring hidden in-wall, your Austin home theater system can be discrete enough to fit in with your homes decor. The only thing that should be seen is your screen, everything else can be either hidden or made to blend in with the home.

Home Network Installations

  • Pre-Wiring/Network Trim Outs
  • In-Wall Line Drops With Wall Plate/Jack
  • Office/Commercial/Call Center Wiring, Connection
  • Cat 5e or Cat 6e In-Wall Wiring for home networks

  • More and more televisions, audio/video and surround sound receivers are expanding your access to some of the most exciting content available by simply connecting to your home's network. Home theater installations can include additional features and applications like Youtube, Pandora, Netflix, Hulu, Internet Radio and More.

  • Stream video from your favorite TV shows and some really great movies from many of the major networks and studios with Hulu. Pandora Radio lets you create your own custom radio station that plays music that you will probably like a lot yet may have never heard before. Just type in an artist's name, album name or even just a descriptive characteristic of the music you want to listen to.

Surround Sound Installation ImageSurround Sound Installation Image
Surround Sound Installation ImageSurround Sound Installation Image

Home Wiring: Audio, Video, Network, CCTV, Home Control

Cable, network, phone and audio/video wiring can be added throughout your home, even in existing houses with sheetrock, stone or brick walls. Tired of staring at your tangled ball of cables? Have us hide it all in the wall. We use the best AV wall plates available to make sure you have no distorted audio or video. We have everything you would need to create simple, clean installation with as few wires shown as possible. Assortment of color, size and type available and most plates can be painted to match the rest of your walls. Audio, HDMI, VGA, DVI, S-video, RCA's, Coaxial, IR, and more.

We can often do extensive wiring of most homes within one day and the added connectivity will add value to your home as well as have it be ready to accomodate the techology of the near future.
Call on our service for even the most challenging of installations such as home wiring with no attic access, two story home wiring between upper and lower stories and wiring down exterior walls (walls that separate indoors from outdoors).

We carry specialty tools such as 6-12ft long flexible drill bits, rare earth magnet ball and chain, electrician's wire fishing tape, thin flexible "glow rods", in-wall snake video camera and more tools that help us make sure your home gets wired.